about me

hi there! i'm ethan, nova or sidney they vamp she fourteen latine bisexual non binary demigirl

fun facts i'm a gemini, I speak english and spanish , i joke flirt a lot ngl

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I love

comics♡, horror films, fashion, writing, crds, dogs, theme parks, marvel, movie marathons

things to know I change my layout and dn a lot, my interests change a lot , ia often, i’m not really on any side of twt I just tweet abt what I like at the moment, tell me if you need any tws/cws or tone indicators.

stay out if u fit the basic dfi criteria, -13 or +25, pro-shipper, anti my favs, mcytwt, stan problematic people, you’re just a weirdo in general

films and stuff banything horror, scream, mcu, doctor sleep, birds of prey, shazam, fear street, spiderman films, IT, star wars, the karate kid, deadly class, my babysitter’s a vampire, euphoria, cobra kai, the babysitters club, titans, the umbrella academy, runaways, rebelde, childs play, bridgerton

my beloveds america chavez, riri williams mindy meeks-martin, abra stone, amber freeman, tara carpenter, sidney prescott, chad meeks-martin, gale weathers, ethan morgan, hargreeves sibilings, miles morales, peter parker, nico minoru, molly hernandez, kory anders, gar logan, jericho wilson, mary anne-spier, marcus lopez, kate sharma, edwina sharma, eloise bridgerton, deena johnson ♡

01. i prefer fem terms but masc and neutral terms are okay top

02. you can inter change between my names i do not minds.

cr enbyself

this is fancy by twice . . .